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Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH

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Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH

Powerful Endoscopes

for a wide range of industries

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Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH

Your Requirements are our aims

We offer a select range of medical and industrial endoscopes. We also provide repair services for a variety of endoscopy products, regardless of manufacturer.

Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH was founded in July 1996 by Alexander and Frank Hipp.

The main focus of our work has always been the development and repair of medical and industrial endoscopes of all kinds.


In Europe, we are the leading manufacturer of select medical and industrial endoscopes and, above all, a leading provider of services for endoscopes from various manufacturers.


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Regardless of what problem you have – we have the appropriate endoscope to solve it.
If not, we'll create the right one for you.

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We repair endoscopes from all well-known manufacturers.

Performance profile:

  • Free quote within 24 hours

  • Average repair time is 10-14 working days


  • Manufacturer-independent service for rigid, medical endoscopes


  • Individual HIPP service plan with a fixed-price guarantee for your existing endoscopes

  • HIPP Payback program: in the case of a total economic damage we buy your old optic devices back.


  • You will receive a one-year warranty on all services and installed parts

  • In case of an emergency, you will have around the clock access to our own rental pool of equipment manufactured by us.

  • Free pick-up service for doctors and surgical centres in Germany

  • Guaranteed delivery of spare parts for our HIPP endoscopes for 10 years

We would love to welcome you to our premises where you can view our full range first hand – short notice is not a problem.


We look forward to your inquiry.

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