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Price models in the service sector

Price models in the service sector

In our established service company the service sector leads no shadowy existence. On the contrary, we take seriously needs of our customers and the market and have developed tailored range of services.

Decide for yourself, which model is the right thing for you:

Model 1: “24-Hours-Cost Estimate”

You send us simply the defective endoscope and you receive within 24 hours a free cost estimate. Once the cost estimate has been released we begin with repair. The average repair time amounts to 10 working days.

Model 2: “HIPP-Service Concept with fixed price guarantee”

This concept is suited for companies that use more than one endoscope and that attach importance to a smooth production process and cost reliability.

You give us simply an account of your actual stock of endoscopes and on this basis we calculate you individual fixed prices for each repair.

Advantages of fixed price models:

Service for HIPP borescopes

Regardless what model you will choose, the sapphire glass protected HIPP borescopes gives you the major financial benefit and the shortest delivery time.

With the HIPP Payback Program you can additionally replace your old or defective borescope with a NEW HIPP borescope at a reduced price.

Benefit also from the unbeatable price-performance ratio for all HIPP borescopes!