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Is your endoscope defective?
We take care of it.

Repair service "made by HIPP" means fast delivery times, uncomplicated repair procedure, and high flexibility paired with a high degree of economic efficiency.


We repair endoscopes from all well-known manufacturers.

Richard Wolf, Karl Storz, GE, Everest, Schölly, Streppel, Comeg, Fiber Optic, IT Concept, and many others.


We look forward to your inquiry.

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  • Free quote within 24 hours

  • Average repair time is 10-14 working days

  • Individual HIPP service plan with a fixed-price guarantee for your existing endoscopes

  • HIPP Payback program: in the case of a total economic damage we buy your old optic devices back.

  • You will receive a one-year warranty on all services and installed parts

  • In case of an emergency, you will have around the clock access to our own rental pool of equipment manufactured by us.

  • Guaranteed delivery of spare parts for our HIPP endoscopes for 10 years

Pick-up service for defective endoscopes

Call us and our logistics partner will pick up your defective endoscope at your premises at the subsequent day.

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The repair borescope and the repair industrial borescope are among our most important services. We would like to offer you an optimal service and carry out the repair of industrial endoscopes and the repair of endoscopes within the shortest possible time. In addition, you have full warranty protection after a repair of industrial borescopes. We are your contact if you need a repair industrial endoscope - please contact us if you want a repair endoscope! We will advise you comprehensively!